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March 7, 2013

Shooting the new 2013 Dodge Viper SRT in studio - Union AdWorks

I was one of several photographers lucky enough to work on the new 2013 Dodge Viper SRT Catalog.  Katherine Lorenzetti of Union AdWorks was the designer and creative lead on the project.

The design called for dramatic camera angles and lighting. Some of the shots were to be stripped into existing backgrounds that were shot during another Union AdWorks project.

The new Viper is a beautiful car with great lines. If it looks like it should be running at Le Man that's because it has. The Italian influence on this new car is unmistakable. The way the shapes all flow together made finding exciting camera angles a pleasure and no doubt added to the drama of my lighting. 

Working with Katherine was great. It's always a pleasure to work with someone with a great sense of design who enjoys the "team" approach and who still believes in photography as a "craft" and not a process.

The images included in this post are the out of the camera 'raw"  images before any retouching or added backgrounds. I have also included some behind the scenes images.  

To see more of the 2013 Viper SRT visit my website:

Behind the scenes (BTS):

Here is a behind the scenes look during a studio shoot. Projects like this wouldn't be possible without having the support of my crew. It's a group effort. 

1st assist: Sean Skewes 
2nd assist: Brian Osinski
Digital artist: Craig Morrison  
Car prep: Brad Stirzinger with QEK Global Solutions.

February 19, 2013

Shooting the New 2013 Lincoln MKZ on location

Here are some images from a recent project for the new Lincoln MKZ. It was art directed by Amy Turunen from Latch+Associates. The assignment was too shoot the car interiors both on location and in my studio. The locations were local in and around the City of Detroit. It was a lot of work with a small window of vehicle availability. 

I had a great crew (see below) who as always went above and beyond to get this project finished. My producer was Dan Wonsch. He was instrumental in coordinating the shoot schedule for all of the locations. 

Michigan Metro Parks, City of Troy, City of Detroit Permit Office, Detroit Police Department of Film Production and the individual property management companies for the downtown Detroit locations including the roof of Cobo Hall.

Without the full cooperation of all of these groups this project would not have been possible. 

To see more of the MKZ project visit

Behind the scenes (BTS):

It takes a small army of people to pull-off something like this. Here are some images of some of the crew.

1st assist: Sean Skewes

2nd assist: Travis Goodin
Digital artist: Craig Morrison
Producer: Dan Wonsch
Stylist: Melody Wolfe
Car prep: The 2 Tonys' from DST Industries

MooCreativeMedia shoots the new Dodge Dart at Bob Williams Studio

MooCreativeMedia, a production company out of Nashville rented my studio recently to shoot a video for the new Dodge Dart "I Heart Radio Tour".

Great people, fun to work with. I hope we will see them back in Detroit soon! Here are some links for you too check out. 

Director: Nick Palladino III
Producer: John Huber
DP: Rhet Bear
Gaffer: Craig Countryman